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37005 is a Level IV General Core Work element.

General Work Elements are categorized as either Core or Non-Core Work Elements. All Level IV General Core Work Elements constitute a mandatory requirement for achieving certification at Level IV.

Understand the importance of proper location of fire detectors and the need for an ongoing maintenance program for automatic fire alarm systems. Understand available system features to reduce unwanted alarms from smoke detectors and other initiating devices, including alarm verification for spot type smoke detectors, positive alarm sequencing, cross zoning, electronic and pneumatic retard mechanisms for sprinkler water flow switches, and presignal systems (where permitted by the AHJ). (NFPA 72, NFPA 101, UL 864, ANSI A17.1, Training Manual on Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Protection Handbook.)

NFPA 101
UL 864
ANSI A17.1
Training Manual on Fire Alarm Systems
Fire Protection Handbook

NICET TEST PREPARATION HANDBOOKS are now available for this element and for every element in level 1 through level 4.

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