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Michael Baker

Michael began his career in the electronic security and fire alarm industry in 1978 after his honorable discharge from the US Navy where he spent six years as an Engineering Laboratory Technician aboard nuclear submarines.

He began working as a part-time instructor of electrical apprenticeship classes in 1997 at Clackamas Community College and then in 2012 accepted the position of Senior Trainer for The Mircom Group.  As Senior Trainer, Michael trains and supports Mircom ESD's in the USA.

Michael is a Journeyman Limited Energy Electrician (JLE) in Oregon, a Master Electrician (ME06) in Washington, and NICET certified level IV in fire alarm systems.  He is a member of the NFPA 72 SIG-IDS (Initiating Devices) technical committee.  Michael has written several fire protection handbooks and he edits the ETNEWS.org website and newsletter.

He is married with six children, four grandchildren, and lives in Trabuco Canyon, California.

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