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33003 Core
33004 Core
33005 Core
33006 Core
33007 Core
33008 Core
33009 Core
33010 Non-Core
33011 Non-Core
33012 Non-Core
33013 Non-Core
33014 Non-Core
33015 Non-Core
33016 Non-Core
33017 Non-Core
33018 Non-Core
33019 Non-Core
33020 Non-Core
33021 Non-Core
33022 Non-Core
33023 Non-Core
33024 Non-Core
33025 Non-Core
33026 Non-Core
33027 Non-Core
33028 Non-Core
33029 Non-Core
34001 Special
34002 Special
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34004 Special
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34006 Special
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33023 is a Level II General Non-Core Work element.

The asterisk (*) following 33023 means crossover credit exists in selected other fields/subfields for this work element. Read information on crossover work elements in the Program Detail Manual on pages 4 and 5. You won't receive the crossover credit until you test in another qualified sub-field for the first time.

Understand the basic principles of operation of ionization, aspiration, projected beam, photoelectric obscuration, photoelectric scattering, and cloud chamber smoke sensing fire detectors, and the effect of stratification on response time. Lay out a system of smoke sensing fire detectors of line type, spot type, duct type, and sampling type, including smoke detectors for use as area smoke detectors, air duct smoke detectors, and smoke detectors for door release service. (NFPA 72, 80, 90A, Fire Alarm Signaling Systems , Fire Protection Equipment Directory, NEMA Guide for Proper Use of System Smoke Detectors, and NEMA Guide for Proper Use of Smoke Detectors in Duct Applications)

Fire Alarm Signaling Systems
UL Fire Protection Equipment Directory
NEMA Guide for Proper Use of System Smoke Detectors
NEMA Guide for Proper Use of Smoke Detectors in Duct Applications

NOTE: System Sensor offers free application guides, which include content similar to the two NEMA references.

NICET TEST PREPARATION HANDBOOKS are now available for this element and for every element in level 1 through level 4.

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