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November 30, 2003

                             ET NEWS 
Issue No. 127           11-30-2003

- News
- ET Journal
- NICET Test Dates
- AFAA Class Schedule
- Comments & Acknowledgements


As I watch fire protection code language change over time it
makes me curious about the background behind prescriptive
requirements. I also get calls from people I've met at seminars
asking about a particular requirement. If I understand the
original intent of the committee then I have a better time of
explaining the purpose or intent of a requirement. Unfortunately
I've gotten rid of many of my older versions of electrical and
fire alarm standards because I never thought that I would have a
use for them. That's what I get for thinking. So, now I'm looking
for older versions of NFPA 70, 71, 72, 72A-H, 74 and _Fire
Protection Handbook_.

If you or someone you know have older copies of these standards
that you no longer want or need, please let me know I've been able to find *some* older
copies of these books on eBay for $1-$10 plus shipping.


December 2-4, 2003 Phoenix, AZ - Co-sponsored by AZ AFAA
*NEW* -> Plan Review Seminar <- *NEW* 
*NEW* -> Advanced Fire Alarm Seminar (NICET III/IV)  <- *NEW*


SEATTLE to impose security-alarm fees, citing too many false ... 
Seattle Times, WA
...  $80 a year for fire-alarm systems not required by the fire
code. $125 as a penalty for each false burglar alarm or fire
alarm. ...


... known legacy of the high-tech boom -- the massive
accumulation of old computer, fax, phone and other cable in
building ceilings and floors -- poses a huge fire ...


LACK of fire alarm eyed in Russia dorm blaze
CTV, Canada
... The lack of an alarm system meant that many students became
aware of the fire only when it was already too late to use a
single stairway, which quickly filled ...


LOOPHOLE allows unmonitored fire alarms
... The fire alarm sounded and the bright strobe lights signaled
the children to throw down their books and head for the nearest
exit. ...


DOZENS displaced by Neenah apartment blaze
Appleton Post Crescent, WI
... There were no injuries reported. The building’s occupants
evacuated when the fire alarm sounded, knocking on each other’s
doors on the way out. ...


DEATH toll in Russian dorm fire rises to 38
Hindustan Times, India
... Authorities have said that the building, a quarantine
facility for recently arrived students, had no fire alarm system
and no evacuation plan. ...,00050003.htm


Job Opportunities

Reston, VA - Electrician with fire protection experience and
NICET II certification; $30 per hour.
Chris Dolch
Recruiting Services International
PO Box 485
Manchester, MD 21102

San Francisco:  2 Fire Alarm Tech openings; 1 CET; 1 PMA tester.
Fresno: 1 Fire Alarm Tech.
Salt Lake City: 1 Fire Alarm Service Manager; 1 Product
Seattle: 1 Product Salesperson with management experience or
strong leadership skills.
Los Angeles: 1 Product Sales Person.
Denver: 1 PMA Sales Person.
Eligibility requirements include industry experience and
certification. Compensation is negotiable and is commensurate
with experience.
Jeremy McCoubrey
Apex HR Solutions


I'll see you in Phoenix this week.

Have fun!



Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Once certified, your NICET certificate is valid for 3 years.
During the initial 3-year period you will receive an annual
registry fee invoice for $40 plus $10 for each additional
certificate. At the end of the initial 3-year period you should
receive a re-certification application approximately six months
before your certificate expires. The purpose of re-certification
is to ensure that certificants continue to gain knowledge in
their chosen certified profession. From the NICET web site:

"Recertification is achieved by accumulating a prescribed number
of continuing professional development points (see Exhibit I)
within the certification period through professional development
activities directly related to the following: 
A. Being an active practitioner in the certification practice
B. Acquiring additional education pertinent to the certification
practice area. 
C. Participating in activities which advance or broaden the body
of knowledge for the certification practice area. 
D. Actively seeking to upgrade certification(s) held and/or
actively seeking initial or upgrade certification in related
practice areas. 
E. Successfully completing a special (certification maintenance
 written examination."

Some things to consider when it's time for you to re-certify:

90 points are required to recertify so overwhelm *NICET with
points. If you're not sure whether or not a particular activity
qualifies for points, include it on your application  and let
NICET make that determination. You are eligible for 24 points per
year (72 points max) for your job, so long as your work is
relevant to your certificate.

Other activities that qualify for points include;
 o Additional Education: college credit courses, CEU training
 courses, seminars, etc.
 o Advance The Profession: committee activity, course instructor,
 author, association membership, etc.
 o Testing/Certification: upgrading a NICET certificate, passing
 exam elements, etc.

See NICET Policy #30

Return your re-certification material and payment such that NICET
receives it at least 80 days before your certificate expires.
This will help to ensure that NICET has enough time to evaluate
your material and request additional information, if necessary,
and then recertify you before your certificate expires.

Keep track of your related activities as you participate in them.
Three years doesn't seem like a long time, but when you have to
recall all of the activities that you participated in three years
afterward, it *does* seem like a long time! NICET has an editable
Adobe Acrobat(r) version of a CPD diary available for download
from their website at Use the
form to keep track of your activities throughout the three-year
period, then all you have to do is review, print, and mail.

If you have multiple certificates, each certificate requires 90
points of activity and you have the option to either renew or
discontinue each certificate. The base re-certification fee is
$90 plus $30 for each certificate, which means if you have one
certificate your fee will be $120. You will receive this
re-certification package every 3 years. You will not continue to
receive a registry fee invoice beyond the first 3-year period.

If your NICET certificate is no longer of value to you, consider
retiring it. For $40 you can retire your certificate for 3 years
rather than risking loosing it and having to start all over
again. I've lost count of the number of people who have told me
that they allowed their electrical license or NICET certificate
to lapse thinking that they no longer needed it only to admit
later that it was a mistake to do so.

Our seminars are a great way to earn CPD points and to stay
current with codes and standards. Here's our 2004 seminar line-up:

1-day Plan Review
1-day Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance
2-day Fire Alarm System Fundamentals
2-day NFPA 72 Review (NICET Level I/II)
2-day NICET Level III/IV Element Review
2-day IBC Requirements for FA Systems
2-day NFPA 5000 Requirements for FA Systems



OR1 PCC Sylvania, Portland;
Test 11/15/03. Postmark deadline 9/27/03.
Test ??/??/04. Postmark deadline 12/1/03.

OR2 Clackamas Community College, Oregon City;
Test 11/15/03. Postmark deadline 9/27/03.
Test 1/24/04. Postmark deadline 12/6/03.

To view the entire list of test centers visit


December 2-4, 2003 Phoenix, AZ - Co-sponsored by AZ AFAA
*NEW* -> Plan Review Seminar <- *NEW* 
*NEW* -> Advanced Fire Alarm Seminar (NICET III/IV)  <- *NEW*

December 9-11, 2003 San Antonio, TX - Co-sponsored by TX AFAA
Advanced Fire Alarm Seminar

December 17, 2003 Seattle, WA
Plan Review Seminar

January 13-15, 2004 Houston, TX - Co-sponsored by TX AFAA
*NEW* -> Plan Review Seminar <- *NEW* 
*NEW* -> Advanced Fire Alarm Seminar (NICET III/IV)  <- *NEW*

January 20-22, 2004 Albuquerque, NM - Co-sponsored by NM AFAA
*NEW* -> Plan Review Seminar <- *NEW* 
*NEW* -> Intermediate Fire Alarm Seminar (NICET I/II)  <- *NEW*

January 27-29, 2004 Portland, OR - Co-sponsored by OAFAA
*NEW* -> Plan Review Seminar <- *NEW* 
*NEW* -> Advanced Fire Alarm Seminar (NICET III/IV)  <- *NEW*


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