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July 22, 2001

                   Northwest NICET Newsletter
Volume 1 Issue 4                                       7-22-2001

        News for Fire Protection Engineering Technicians

- News
- Tech Tips
- Class Schedule
- Administrivia


The Washington State legislature is considering a bill (HB 1585 & SB 5879)
which will require NICET level II certification of fire alarm technicians.
[In addition to the existing electrician license requirement]

You can read the proposed bill here -->


Technician Application Form
This form is used to apply for an exam, change your mailing address, or to
update your work experience.

Before filling out Section VI Employment History, do a little brainstorming
with pencil and paper. As you recall your work experience, group your job
tasks by employer and job title. Reduce your job tasks into elegant
statements that can be recorded as a bulleted item list. Once you have
accomplished your 'brain dump' you will be able to fill out Section VI in a
way that helps NICET quickly evaluate your work experience. Use the example
given in the right column of Section VI for each employer/job title. If you
have worked for the same employer for a long period of time, treat each of
your job roles as a separate period of employment (technician -->
supervisor --> manager --> etc.)

======== E X A M P L E ========

(a) Fire Alarm Company LLC
    100 SW Naito Parkway
    Portland, OR 97204

(b) Technician

(c) John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt

(d) -Install fire alarm system devices
      -[list of device types]
    -Install fire alarm system raceway
      -[list of raceway types]
    -Install fire alarm system cable
      -[list of wire types]
    -Install water flow alarm devices
      -[list of device types]
    -Install sprinkler supervisory devices
      -[list of device types]
    -Test fire alarm devices
      -[list of device types and test methods]
    -Inspect fire alarm devices
      -[list of device types]
    -Maintain fire alarm devices
      -[list of device types and test methods]
    -Test water flow switches
      -[list of device types and test methods]
    -Test sprinkler supervisory devices
      -[list of device types and test methods]
    -Prepare contract drawings
    -Prepare riser diagrams
    -Prepare battery-set calculations
    -Prepare volt-drop calculations
    -Prepare as-built drawings
    -Prepare record drawings
    -Prepare Record of Completion form
    -Prepare Inspection and Testing form
    -Provide end-user training
    -and so on...

Remember, NICET is looking for work experience to be progressively more
technical and responsible:

Level I - Several months
Level II - 2 years
Level III - 5 years
Level IV- 10 years


The Washington Burglar and Fire Alarm Association is sponsoring a 16-hour Saturday Seminar(r) in
Redmond, WA in August:

--> 8-11-2001 9am - 5pm NICET Certification application process and Fire
Alarm Systems Level I Element Review

--> 8-18-2001 9am - 5pm Fire Alarm Systems Level II Element Review

Contact Howard Richardson at 206-236-4025 to register.


Clackamas Community College is sponsoring a 16-hour weekday evening seminar
in September:

--> 9-10-2001 6pm - 10pm NICET Certification application process

--> 9-12-2001 6pm - 10pm Fire Alarm Systems Level I Element Review

--> 9-17-2001 6pm - 10pm Fire Alarm Systems Level II Element Review part 1

--> 9-19-2001 6pm - 10pm Fire Alarm Systems Level II Element Review part 2

Call 503-657-0135 to register.


Many of you (ok, a few of you) have asked how to purchase the book used at
my seminars:

Fire Alarm Handbook
NICET Level I and II
Element Review
ISBN 0-9707229-0-7

It can be found in the Portland metro area at:

Building Tech Bookstore
8020 SW Cirrus Drive
Beaverton, OR 97008-5986
(503) 641-8020
(800) ASK-BOOK

in the Seattle metro area at:

CW Cable, Inc.
20422 87th Ave.
Kent, WA 98031
(253) 872-6590
(800) 444-4961

or nationwide through:

NAAA [National Alarm Association of America]


Send your contributions, suggestions, comments, and questions to -->

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Good luck and have fun!

Copyright (c) 2001 Michael B. Baker all rights reserved
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