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July 1, 2001

                  Northwest NICET Newsletter

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The Automatic Fire Alarm Association will be
in town Tuesday, July 10, 2001 11am - 2pm at the Airport Holiday
Inn in an effort to reactivate the Oregon Chapter.

Local contact:
Larry Tate
Northwest Fire Suppression, Inc.


The Oregon legislature has been working on a bill (HB2152) which
will change the law for what are now JLE and RET licensees. Once
signed by the Governor, JLE license-holders will receive a Class
A Limited Energy Technician's license and some RET
license-holders will receive a Class B Limited Energy
Technician's License. The bill includes a method for Class B
license-holders to upgrade to Class A by holding their license
for 2 years, attending 32 hours of additional training, and
successfully completing an exam.

Read the bill -->


Quality over quantity.

It is not uncommon to see a NICET applicant show up to take an
exam with cases of code-books, standards, manuals, textbooks,
notes, etc. The exam is not the time or the place to learn.
You're better off minimizing the number of reference manuals and
spending more time before the exam preparing the manuals you will
take with you by familiarizing yourself with the layout of each.
For instance, NFPA 72 is one of the most common references found
in the Program Detail Manual so spend some time getting familiar
with what each chapter covers, add tabs to each chapter and be
prepared to use the tabs to help *quickly* confirm the answer to
a test question.

Remember that while NICET exams are open book, they are also time
restricted. Your success is reliant upon your ability to manage
your time effectively during the exam. 


There will be a 'mini' seminar at this year's LES Expo, sponsored
by the Oregon Burglar & Fire Alarm Association held at the Airport Holiday Inn on
Thursday, July 12, 2001:

--> 9am - noon: NICET Certification, fire alarm fundamentals,
sample of the Level I Element Review Seminar. Includes all of the
forms necessary to apply for certification and a step-by-step

--> 1pm - 4pm: Repeat of the 9am - noon seminar.

Contact the Oregon Burglar & Fire Alarm Association 800-692-3798
to register. These seminars are free to OBFAA members and $10 to


The Washington Burglar and Fire Alarm Association is sponsoring
a 16-hour seminar in Redmond in August:

--> 8-11-2001 8am-5pm NICET Certification and Level I Element

--> 8-18-2001 8am - 5pm Level II Element Review
Contact Howard Richardson 206-236-4025 to register.


I've been collecting your email addresses and threatening to send
out a periodical of some type with NICET test preparation seminar
dates and other relevant information for quite some time now. If
you have information you would like to see in this publication,
let me know and I'll include it in the future.

If you already receive too much crud in your email and don't want
to add more to the pile, unsubscribe by clicking the reply button
and type 'unsubscribe' in the subject line.


Good luck and have fun!

Question and comments -->

Copyright (c) 2001 Michael B. Baker all rights reserved
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