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Fire Protection Glossary - T


Time Control Module (TCM). Used with a fire alarm control unit to provide releasing service and pre-signal evacuation.

Tamper Supervisory Device. A device used to monitor the position of a water valve, which isolates a waterflow or water pressure switch.

Thermal Lag. See Rate Compensation Detector.

Transmission Channel. A circuit or path connecting transmitters to supervising station or subsidiary stations on which signals are carried.

Transmitter. A system component that provides an interface between signaling line circuits, initiating device circuits, or control units and the transmission channel.

Transponder. A multiplex alarm transmission system functional assembly located at the protected premises.

Trouble Signal. A signal initiated by the fire alarm system or device indicative of a fault in a monitored circuit or component.

Trunk Facility. That part of a signaling line circuit connecting two or more leg facilities to the central station supervising station or satellite station.

Trunk Primary Facility. That part of a transmission channel connecting all leg facilities to a central or proprietary supervising station or subsidiary station.

Trunk Secondary Facility. That part of a transmission channel connecting tow or more, but less than all, leg facilities to a primary trunk facility.

Two-Way Fire Department Communications System. An electrically supervised telephone system providing private voice communication capability between the command center or central control panel and designated remote locations.
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